1. These General Terms apply to all bookings for services made through Soleato.com
2. Soleato.com allows access to an automatic information and reservation system that offers you the possibility to search, check availability, make reservation, and pay for tourist services online.
3. Soleato.com acts as agent for third-party providers (Tourist Service Providers).
4. Soleato.com makes permanent efforts to preserve the accuracy and timeliness of the information, but we do not guarantee that the information is complete, updated or error free. We recommend visiting the official hotel sites or requesting updated information.
5. Hotels reserve the right to make changes to the all inclusive program submitted to the site without prior notice.
6. The reservation you make is valid only after receiving a voucher from Soleato.com on your e-mail.
7. Once a reservation has been paid, it is binding. Inquiries for reservation changes can only be made in writing by e-mail. Changes will only be confirmed by Soleato.com if there is a possibility for it. In the event that Soleato.com does not receive the full amount of the reservation according to reservation conditions of the booked hotel, Soleato.com has the right to cancel the reservation.
8. The deadline for the client to cancel the reservation without penalty is determined differently from each hotel. This term is part of the description of each hotel. After this period, refunds are to be reimbursed to the customer only in exceptional circumstances and upon express confirmation by the hotel, regardless of the reasons for the cancellation. Bank transfer fee for the return of the paid amount is at the expense of the beneficiary.
9. Payment is to be made online by credit or debit card or by bank account transfer. After payment, the customer receives a voucher for paid services on his e-mail.
10. In the event that no payment has been made or the payment terms have not been respected, Soleato.com has the right to cancel the reservation. In this case Soleato.com is not Is not liable to the client and owes no indemnity or penalties.
11. In the event of occurrence of circumstances preventing Soleato.com from performing the reserved services within the specified deadlines for reasons beyond Soleato.com, Soleato.com may make the following changes, which the client assumes do not represent a significant change in any of the clauses of the contract:
- Change the hotel where guests are housed with a hotel of the same or higher category, under the same accommodation and boarding conditions; In these cases, Soleato.com is not responsible to the customer and does not owe any indemnity or penalties.
-If, for reasons not attributable to Soleato.com, a reservation is canceled, Soleato.com refunds the amount paid by the client and does not owe any additional benefits for that.
12. In cases where the booking has a status of "upon confirmation", additional confirmation from Soleato.com for the availability of vacancies is necessary.
13. Any cancellation of a paid reservation must be made in writing by e-mail.
14. If you wish to be accommodated in a room with an extra bed, it should be noted that in most hotels it is a folding bed, a sofa bed or a extendable armchair (ie. not a regular bed). Adding an extra bed reduces room space and creates inconvenience for all three tourists. It is not recommended to accommodate other tourists on an extra bed, except children up to 12 years old.
15. All special hotel requirements are confirmed by the hotel on site, if possible. If these additional preferences require an additional payment, it should be made on site at check-in.
16. Special discounts apply to children (up to 11, 12, 13 or 14 years old). It is therefore necessary to specify the child's age at the time of arrival at the hotel. In the event that the information is incorrect, the client pays the difference to the full cost of the reservation.
17. The minimum admissible age for persons booking through Soleato.com is 18 years. For children under 18 years traveling with one of the parents, it is imperative to comply with all requirements for leaving the country of origin and entering the Republic of Bulgaria.
18. The category of hotels is determined according to the legislative features of the respective country. The information about the comforts and services offered by each hotel is provided by the hotels themselves as of the date of their inclusion in the information system and Soleato.com is not responsible for any inconsistency with the previously announced information about them.
19. Check-in time in most of the hotels on the arrival day is 14:00 and check-out is 11:00 on the last day of the stay (exceptions possible). If you plan to arrive at your hotel late in the evening (after 20:00), you should contact the hotel and personally alert you at the reception. All announced hours are local time.Accommodation is rendered upon presentation of a valid identity card or passport and a voucher for reserved services.
20. Soleato.com is not responsible for any problems related to the accommodation of pets in case they are not specified in writing during the reservation.
21. Soleato.com is not responsible for the loss of valuable items, money and documents left in the hotel room.
22. Soleato.com is not liable for damages caused by failure to perform or improper performance of the service in the case of force majeure or an event that can not be foreseen or avoided by the Soleato.com or its counterparts in the good faith fulfillment of their obligations.
23. Soleato.com is not responsible for the incorrect filling in of the reservation form by the client. Incorrect completion of the name may result in the refusal of the border authorities to be admitted to the country concerned and refusal of accommodation.
24. Soleato.com is not liable, and does not compensate the clients who have waived the use of the service or part of it. Soleato.com does not reward or compensate clients for costs beyond the paid service.
25. Soleato.com is not responsible to the clients in the event of not issuing a visa when required. If a client's visa is refused, the amounts paid are not refunded.
26. Soleato.com is not responsible for the actions of border and customs services, airlines, bus and rail carriers and does not compensate customers, despite the fact that due to these actions they have missed part of the service or even the whole service.
27. In the event of damage to the hotels of stay, the particular perpetrator or perpetrators shall assume liability for the damage, including on spot where the damage is claimed by the injured party. Soleato.com does not bear the costs of this procedure and does not owe compensation, including if the schedule and content of the reserved services are changed, including for clients who are not responsible for the damage, but use the service together with the person responsible for the damage
28. Soleato.com does not bear any expenses related to the consumption of food and beverages beyond the paid meals, regardless whether they are ordered or not by the client.
29. Individual or group transfers can be added at an additional cost. Transfers that are not used by fault of the client / airline / bus / rail / railway company / ferry company and other service providers, are not subject to compensation, their value is not refundable and does not give rise to claims on their part.
30. Information about the hotels and services on Soleato.com website is provided in several languages. Written and oral communication with Soleato.com and it's representatives is possible in English.
31. In the event of inaccurate implementation of the booked services by the hotel, the client must notify immediately Soleato.com and the hotel service provider. The notification must be made in written, including by e-mail, clearly and explicitly indicating the available discrepancies. Soleato.com will contact the hotel and take action to resolve them.
32. The client is entitled within 14 days after the use of the service to make a claim regarding the service provided in writing by e-mai. For reclamations of services booked on site, Soleato.com is not responsible. Claims are reviewed within 30 (thirty) days of receipt.
33. All complaints that the client has not stated in writing at a hotel site, as well as claims that were first raised after the end of the relevant tourist trip, will not be considered and are not subject to compensation.
34. All photos and hotel descriptions are intended only to depict the hotel’s facilities and services and do not represent contractual condition.
35. In the event of a litigation, it shall be settled by Bulgarian Court.
36. For unsettled and other matters the provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply.

I am familiar with the general conditions and accept them.