Sunny Beach Resort Information

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Sunny Beach is the biggest resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains, 90 km from Varna and 35 km from Burgas. 

On every hotel page on you can find a detailed guide for the route options and the distance in kilometers from your location to the selected hotel.

In recent years, the resort grew into tourist megapolis covering the whole bay from St. Vlas to Nessebar, with about 250 hotels or all categories and 300,000 beds. The extreme northern and southern parts offer a more relaxed atmosphere, and most of the bars are in the lively center. The terrain is flat and the beach is made of fine golden sand, about 6 km long and up to 100 m wide, with the southern part of the characteristic sand dunes. The old town of Nessebar is located 5 km from the center of Sunny Beach and 2 km from the hotels in its southernmost part. The distance to the hotels farthest from the beach is 1 km. оr about 15 minutes on foot. The active season is from May to October, the most preferable period is from mid-June to late September when air temperatures are between 25 and 35 degrees and sea water between 20 and 25 degrees.





Nessebar Restaurants and bars
Sunny Beach is a favorite destination for fun seekers from all over Europe. Clubs attract the latest music and atmosphere styles for the season. Along the seafront promenade and the center by Kuban Hotel you will find fine restaurants, pubs with live music and cocktail bars. The amount you can expect to spend on dinner for two is in the range of 15-30 euro in a restaurant, doner or pizza pavilion - 2-4 euro, and in the bars and clubs - for a glass of beer or other alcoholic drinks and cocktails within 1-3 euro.










 Sports and activity

At the beach you will find many opportunities for water sports - skiing, parasailing, water skiing, banana boating, at a price of 30 euro for 20 minutes. Beach volleyball, tennis, windsurfing, diving courses are just some of the other opportunities for active rest. In Sunny Beach there is an aqua park located on the Varna-Burgas road and the price is up to 20 euro for clients higher than 1.30 m.The hotels of the highest category in the resort offer an animation program with daily sports such as water gymnastics, aerobics, and dancing.


Almost everywhere along the alleys in the center of Sunny Beach you will see small shops for clothes, souvenirs and beach goods. Additionally, in Barcelo Royal Beach and around Kuban there are small shopping centers with a greater choice of clothing. If you are looking for something more specific, you will find it in Burgas, 30 km away, where apart from the central pedestrian zone there are shops in Mall Galleria Burgas and Burgas Plaza.


MoneySunny Beach resort
The national currency of Bulgaria is Leva. Bank card payments are accepted in most stores and venues, but exceptions are possible. Cash payments are also accepted almost exclusively in leva. The official bank rate of the euro to leva is 1 euro = 1.95 leva. There are exchange bureaux in the hotels and alleys of the resort where 1 euro is exchanged differently within the range of 1.80 - 1.90 leva. In order to avoid hidden commissions and fees it is advisable to exchange currency at a bank (the best option) at the hotel or if you do so in an exchange office, you should be informed in advance of the amount in leva you will receive for the euro amount. Changing on the street from random people is a guarantee of fraud.




For all people traveling by car it is important to know that the parking space in the most hotels on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is very limited. Even if you read in the hotel description that the hotel has a parking space there might be no free space available as you arrive, especially in July and August. The hotel does not guarantee available parking space. Unfortunately it is not possible to reserve a parking place in advance. The good news is that on the most hotel receptions you will receive information about alternative parking lots nearby where you can leave your car.

In the most cases the parking lot is outdoor and unguarded. In very few cases there is indoor garage or guarded parking.

The price is usually 10 – 15 leva (5 – 7,5 euro) per day per car. It may vary depending on the period of stay. There are hotels which offer a free parking space (upon availability).


 Resort Map

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Sunbeds and parasols on the beach 

The sunbeds and the parasols on the guarded beaches on the Bulgarian black sea coast are against charge. The price is being set in the beginning of every summer season.  Depending on the location of the beach the price vary in the range 5 - 15 leva (2,5 - 7,5 euro ) per day per parasol and 5 - 15 leva (2,5 - 7,5 euro ) per day per sunbed. Some hotels offer 2 sunbeds and 1 parasol per room free of charge as part of their all inclusive program.


Medical assistance

The emergency telephone number in Bulgaria is 112. Most hotels have a doctor on  contract who can be called if necessary. It is important to know that this is an expensive service. It is advisable to make  additional health insurance before you depart and  to get information about the medical centers on spot your insurer works with and  if necessary contact one of them directly. For citizens of the EU, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland, medical assistance in state hospitals (closest in  Burgas) is free of charge when providing a European Health Insurance Card.